Flagstone Bullnosed and Straight Edged Treads and Copers

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Straight Bullnosed and Square Edged Treads and Copers

Flagstone Bullnosed Treads and Copers are designed for a number of uses. These include steps, verandahs, planters, spas, and pool surrounds. The curved edges provide a safe, smooth, long wearing finish.

Flagstone Treads and Copers are ideally suited for wet areas such as pools, spas and ponds because of their fine grained non-slip surface. The lengths and sizes available create an ideal visual surround to frame the swimming pool of your dreams. Flagstone manufactures a large range of different width step Treads (up-to 625mm wide by 900mm long). These large pieces allow for the most generous of steps for your entrances, all in a highly rated non slip surface finish.

Flagstone can also manufacure a range of Square Edge Treads, Copers and Waterline Pavers

Standard Sizes include:

BN 150 x 1000 x 50
BN 200 x 1000 x 50
BN 225 x 1000 x 50
BN 230 x 1000 x 50
BN 250 x 1000 x 50
BN 260 x 1000 x 50
BN 270 x 1000 x 50
BN 280 x 1000 x 50
BN 290 x 1000 x 50
BN 325 x 1000 x 50
BN 350 x 1000 x 50
BN 300 x 300 x 35
BN 360 x 1000 x 50
BN 380 x 1000 x 50
BN 400 x 1000 x 50
BN 450 x 1000 x 50
BN 625 x 900 x 50
BN 500 x 500 x 50
BN 1000 x 500 x 50
BN 325 x 1200 x 50
BN 230 x 1200 x 50
BN 360 x 1200 x 50
BN 450 x 1200 x 50

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Curved Bullnosed Treads and Copers

Curved Bullnosed Treads and Copers are designed especially for free flowing curved pool surrounds and coping. They may also be used as radial steps and curved verandah edging. All Flagstone Curved Bullnose Treads and Copers are designed as modular units. 

They combine to form complete circles of varying diameters. The degree of arc, or curvature on the edges of the Treads or Copers is determined by the radius of its corresponding circle.

To determine what size you require simply establish the centre point of the curve and measure with a tape measure, the distance from the centre to the edge of the curve where you wish the bullnosed edge to follow, checking to ensure a constant distance along the length. Some pool curves may not be constant and will require different radii pieces to follow the best line along the curve. Where a bullnosed curve starts from a corner, we recommend using our cast corner pieces, rather than cutting a mitred corner.

Our range uniquely suits many of the popular fibre-glass shell pools being constructed today. Both Internal and External Curved Bullnosed Copers and Treads can be applied to a variety of situations, including curved and circular planters, spas, ponds and radial steps and curved verandah edges.

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Special Bullnosed Treads and Copers

Flagstone produces a variety of double, triple, or quadruple bullnosed pieces. These feature Bullnosed edges and are designed to be placed on a spillway wall separating a spa from a swimming pool or as stepping stones across the surface to divide a pool.

They can also be used to provide a returned bullnosed edge where required on steps etc.

Our range of both internal and external, curved or right-angle Corner Pieces provide an elegant detailed finish to corners that does away with the need to mitre cut-out your corners ever again.

In addition, we also make a selection of decorative Bullnosed edged Treads and Copers with a variety of over-hanging bullnosed pieces, that perfectly complement any style or period of home.


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